Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Quick Recap

I apologize to all of my loyal readers for my lack of words lately. Kiwi, who is doing slightly better, still isn't 100%, and really the vets haven't pinpointed exactly what's going on. Unfortunately I've had myself worried sick about her, and thus haven't had much desire to write. That being said, I guess if I'm taking a little time right now, things must be a little better. In fact, I just returned from the beautiful Methow Valley where I ran the Rainshadow 50k and hung out with some friends. It was a nice little get away, and returning home tonight, I was enthusiastically greeted by a very happy border collie. she seems pretty wiped out again right now, but she's making very small steps in the right direction. Anyway, the race was great. James Varner put on another great event. Due to some lingering snow, the course was three 10 mile loops, which is not normally my cup of tea. However, it was very fun loop with some unbelievable views.


Anonymous said...

great run today brian. was fun hanging out in the sun out there... give kiwi my best

Trisha said...

Just this morning I asked Uli if he had heard any news about how Kiwi was doing. Glad to hear things are progressing in a positive direction. Congrats on the race!

Michael said...

Our vet just recently told us there's been a small outbreak of gardia among dogs. I'm not sure if it matches the symptoms of what Kiwi has but thought I'd mention it. Hope she's better soon!