Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Brief Recap

I had hoped to write a more in depth report from Chuckanut, but I've been really distracted this week with a an unhappy puppy. Kiwi is feeling under the weather, and I've been completely distracted by her illness. I'm taking her into the vet again today. She's been prescribed an antibiotic to clear up her bloody stool and diarrhea, and now she's become incredibly lethargic. Needless to say, I've been incredibly worried about her, and it is consuming my every moment. The vets don't seem to be too concerned, but it's so hard to see her under the weather.

So, as far as Chuckanut went, I was very happy with the time that I ran (4:13:06). It was about a minute faster than last year, but I was 3 places further down. That's alright though. I knew it was going to be a very competetive year. My hope going in was to run between 4:10-4:15, so I ran exactly what I thought I should run. As an early season fitness indicator, it made me feel like I'm on the right track for peak summer fitness.

Next up, I'm making my way over to the Methow Valley for the Rainshadow 50k.


Laura H said...

Well you're fast cuz the photo I took of you finishing came out all blurry! Hope Kiwi is better soon and they figure out what's going on. See you in the Methow!

Michael said...

Sorry to hear Kiwi is sick. When my dogs have GI problems, the vet recommended I feed them white rice and boiled chicken because it's easy on their stomach. I hope she gets better soon!

Alison Hanks, LMP said...

Oh Kiwi! I hope she feels better super quick. See you in a couple weeks!

Trisha said...

Nice run at Chuckanut, Bri. Hope Kiwi is better soon!!!