Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Almost Forgot

This coming Saturday is a very big day for many of my fellow ultra runners. For myself it'll be just another Saturday in Seattle. I have nothing at stake in the most anticipated lottery in the sport of ultra running, the Western States 100 drawing. I can certainly appreciate the nervous anticipation and excitement around the lottery. I have been a bundle of nerves myself on lottery day. However, I must admit that I almost forgot that this Saturday was the WS lottery. I've got nothing at stake in this year's random selection, and I'm quite happy about it.

Don't get me wrong. I do love the Western States 100, yet I harbor a lot of ill feelings (I won't say hatred) about it at the same time. As many of you know, Western States hasn't been exactly kind to me. I'm talking purely about the race itself, not the people involved. The canyons, the saw briars, and the heat, oh the scorching heat, all have gotten the best of me. And lets not forget the rubber. Yes, the perfectly smooth rubberized track of Placer High, that got me too.

I've decided that I need at least a year off from beating my head against the Western States wall. I'm not admitting defeat, I'm just recognizing the need to channel some energy elsewhere for a year or two. I like the timing of a June hundred miler though, so I'm thinking about running Bighorn. I've decided I just need to get a little confidence back in running that distance.

Good luck to all those who are eagerly awaiting their lucky draw on Saturday!


jhalekas said...

Isn't it great getting to watch everyone else scurry around and stress out about it, while we can just kick back and chill? So glad I'm not doing it next year.


olga said...

I am not fidgetting either:) Sometimes enough is just that, even if last time left me sour.

Brian Morrison said...


I wish I had a finish like yours to sit back and chill upon. If I ever have that race, I may never go back.
And yes, it is great watching everyone else freak out about it.

Craig Thornley said...

Jasper comes in and first try runs sub-17. Mighty impressive. Sounds like taking a break from the race, Brian, will be good for your soul. But do come back. There are a lot of people rooting for you.

Brian Morrison said...

Thanks, Craig!
I will most certainly come back. Regardless of where I finish, I have to finish that damn race standing up. I just need to step back and get a little more hundred mile experience. Then I'll come back with a little different outlook on things.