Thursday, December 17, 2009


I did it. I made the cut for Inov 8's 2010 team. I'm pretty sure it was a decision based on my career resume, and not so much on what I did in 2009. Outside of a mediocre race at Chuckanut and a win at the Sun Mountain 50k, my season was pretty lackluster.

Ahhh, but that was 2009. I've got some new tricks up my sleeve for 2010. First and foremost, as I've already stated, I'm taking a break from Western States. That just feels good to say. Anyway, I'm going to focus on 1 or 2 other hundred milers. Bighorn fits nicely into the mix, because it's only a week before Western States, and my last few years of training have been geared toward a June 100 miler. And it sounds like Hal, Ian, and the Rogue Valley Runner's crew may have a hundred happening down their way in September. That will hopefully be the second of my 100's. Then, of course, I'll sprinkle in a handful of 50k's and 50 milers to round out the year.

I'll be wrapping up my running for 2009 in Portugal. There won't be any racing, unless I stumble upon a local road race, but it'll be fun to log some miles abroad. Andrea's family is from Porto, so we're spending Christmas with them. It's not completely new running terrain for me, as this will be my fourth time there, but it's still a whole lot more novel than my daily run-commute to and from work.

Enjoy the holidays!


Dave said...

Good luck in 2010, Brian!

I'm going strong 9 weeks out from Tokyo. Having my best training season ever. Excited to try and break 3:10 - I think I can do it, but it might be close.

Hey, get those Race Highlights and Schedule sections updated!

Yassine said...

Brian! Holy crap!...we have a lot in common. I had a mediocre year and was wondering about being a part of Team Inov-8 again this year. Thankfully, I got picked up and am looking forward to 2010. After not getting into WS I started checking into Bighorn. I found out that my wife is going out that way like three days before so we're going to make a week out of it. I also was looking at the 100 in Ashland area in Sept. w/ some other 50ks/50-milers thrown in. Wow...I guess great minds think alike ;0) We should hook up for some training runs. You going up to Capitol Peaks Fatass 34-miler? Orcas? Chuckanut? I hope to be at all of the above and also Capitol Peaks 50-miler before Bighorn. Go team Inov-8! Happy Holidays!

Brian Morrison said...


That's wild! I'll definitely see you at a few of those races. Glad that you're back on the team. We should definitely get out for some training runs.


Good luck leading up to Tokyo. My blog is going to get a much needed face-lift as soon as I get a little free time. Hope everything is going well for you.