Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back in the Swing

This past week capped off my second solid 3 week block of training for the year. I hit a little speed bump the second week of this block with a DNF at Orcas, but I turned things around this third and final week of the block. Everything felt great this week. I had a solid threshold run Friday morning at Green Lake, and then followed that up with a 25 mile run on Chuckanut Saturday. I hit 84 miles for the week and even managed to get three days in the gym. Mentally and physically I'm all systems go. Right now, I just need to squeeze a little more time in on the trails. Run commuting to and from work is great, but I need to build that strength that can only come from time on the trails. One promising tidbit to note was that my chronically achey achilles tendon wasn't even slightly worse for the wear after a long, hilly run Saturday.


Nick said...

Glad to hear your running is going well. Did you find yourself a new hammer yet?
Is your race schedule on your blog last year's or is the date wrong?

Brian Morrison said...

Hey Nick, I haven't found a new hammer yet, I'm still working on dusting off the old one. Thanks for catching the race schedule error. That is indeed this year's schedule.