Thursday, February 12, 2009

Called out

Well, it's officially running season again, so hopefully I'll have a bit more to write about now. But first I want to apologize to anyone who feels the same way a recent anonymous poster does about my last few blog entries. Evidently I've been complaining a bit too much and don't seem to appreciate how good I have it. This anonymous individual left such a comment on my most recent rambling about having lost my hammer. It's funny to me (not so much ha ha funny) how people can so differently interpret things. IT WAS A JOKE. It was a lame attempt at humor, but I know at least a few people got a chuckle out of it. And, last time I checked, this is my blog and I can write whatever I damn well feel like. No one's forcing you to read it. WHEW! I got that off my chest. Now where was I? Oh yes, race season is just around the corner and I can't wait. Chuckanut will be my next race, followed shortly thereafter by the brand spankin' new Rainshadow 50k, in the beautiful Methow Valley. I'd like to squeeze something else into April and then run Miwok and States. I'm not yet thinking much beyond that, but there are definitely some intriguing new races out there.


Gary Robbins said...

Brian, good seeing ya out at Orcas.
Good luck with finding that hammer and we'll see ya again at Chuck!


solarweasel said...

brian if you have trouble finding your hammer sears will give you a lifetime warranty upon the purchase of a new one. see you at both chuckanut and sun mountain and whichever src runs i manage to get to

Brian Morrison said...

You both had great runs at Orcas. It made me realize I've really got to get my ass in gear. I'm going to hit the B-ham trails tomorrow.

Alison Hanks, LMP said...

Well anyone who doesn't actually put their name on a comment really doesn't exist, in my book. I find blogs a great way to complain. Does your hammer know what a controversy he's caused?