Monday, March 17, 2008

Chuckanut Recap

Saturday morning began with rain and cold temps, but that didn't stop 300 hearty runners from lining up at the start of the Chuckanut 50k. Nobody looked all that motivated to run, myself included, but as soon as the race got underway, the rain let off. Amazingly the weather steadily improved throughout the day, and although the course was muddy, the overall conditions were pretty good.

Having decided to train through the race, I knew that I probably wouldn't be in contention to win this year, especially with Bryan Dayton, Scott Jurek and the Alabama Hamma' toeing the line. Still, I felt that I should be able to put forth a strong effort based on where my training has been.

I ended up 4th overall in a time of 4:14. It wasn't my fastest time there, but having trained right up to the race, it's a good indicator of where my overall fitness is. It's especially satisfying to have been able to run so well at the end of the race. My final split of 1:05:29 was the fastest of the field.

Team Inov 8 had a great showing at the race with Devon Crosby Helms and Bryan Dayton each winning.

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wheelieking said...

Congrats Brian! I was pulling for you. I just wish I could've seen you in that sexy pair of compression pant I bet you used. ;)