Thursday, March 20, 2008

The waiting drove me mad...

This entry will probably take me an hour to write, because every 15 seconds or so, I'm compelled to jump over to Pearl Jam's website. Why? As anyone who actually reads this blog knows (maybe 2 or 3 people), I'm an enormous Pearl Jam fan. When Pearl jam makes a big announcement, the band's staff issues some vague hint about a *tweet* from a little birdy. That's fine until the *tweet*, that was supposed to be announced Wednesday, gets pushed back to Thursday. This after alluding to the *tweet* over the weekend. So, since Saturday, I've been going crazy waiting for this dang bird chirp. I know it sounds crazy, and I don't expect anyone else to understand. It makes sense in my crazy little world, but I swear, if that frickin' duck doesn't start quacking, I'm gonna' lose it.

For the 2 or 3 of you that read this blog, I'll pretend that you care about my Pearl Jam news, and I'll share with you the announcement when I know.


Trail Goat said...

*cross fingers*

Please tell me it's Pearl Jam playing with Neil Yong. Somewhere. Anywhere.

*goes to put on Mirror Ball*

Pete said...

east coast tour!

Brian, enjoy the blog!

T Z said...

Digging Eddie and PJ hear in Okla. Your blog is a good read.