Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Subject drought

Well after what I felt was a pretty solid start to my blogging career, I've hit a wall. You'd think that as an endurance athlete I would have been smarter about my pacing. Initially, I had more blog topics in my head than I could put to paper and now nothing. My well of thought seems to have dried up.
I think I may have made a huge mistake by blogging about the best training run ever. That was such a rookie move, because now I've reached a high point that will be hard, if not impossible, to match. And really, between you and me, that run wasn't even THAT great. I mean sure my legs felt like finely tuned rockets, and I was able to offer some solid encouragement to Ryan Hall and Meb, as I passed them going up Cleator Road, and to top it off, Pearl Jam just happened to be rehearsing right next to my parked car. It was ok at best. But I just had to boast about it, and now look at me, I've got nothing. NOTHING!


bryan said...

I had the same problem, compounded by getting absurdly busy at work and traveling without consistent web access. I just couldn't keep producing quality posts.

My solution? Commentary on others' content. Read what others are doing and then give your take. I think it will inspire you to tackle numerous other topics.

For more on the mental aspect of training, check out my blog.

Or check out this site. I found you through its blog feed.

Who is SLB+? said...

Take your inspiration from other, flattery is a great complement.

Have a rummage around the blogsphere and follow a few blog rolls to see what's happening in the world. Sometimes a note about the fluff you found in your navel can be entertaining...well only sometimes!

ricky said...

Hey Brian-

Maybe it's time to blog about the latest motivational tidbit you saw posted outside D.A. Burns... after all, it's more entertaining to write about what you saw while running than what you read about running, right?!

Krissy Moehl said...

I'm with you! Sometimes its there and other times, not. No worries, things will happen (sometimes things you might not want to), but will get you back on the blogging. Good to read some of your earlier posts. Look forward to seeing you at Chuckanut!