Thursday, March 13, 2008

Inov 8

I'm excited to announce that I have a new shoe sponsor for the 2008 season. After two seasons with Brooks, I have opted to go a different direction for 2008. I am very thankful for what Brooks was able to provide me for a couple of seasons and I'll continue to run in their road shoes. However, when it comes to dirt, I'll be running for the Inov 8 ultra team. I'm very excited to team up with a company that is dedicated to trail ultra running.
Inov 8 shoes fall right in line with my less is more philosophy of trail running shoes. They are incredibly light, low to the ground, and have great traction. I have been running in the Roclite 297 and the Roclite 315. They both feel great and fit well. This weekend I'll be running in the lighter of the two, the Roclite 297.


WynnMan said...

Hey Brian, welcome to the team. I enjoy reading and following your ventures! Yep, the 297's and 325's are my faves.
Good luck at the Nut! I know it's definitely hard to pull back when you pin that bib on.


James said...

congrats brian on the new deal! i love inov-8!!

see ya saturday

T Z said...

Congratulations on the new shoe gig! I'd like to pick your brain a little about the inov-8s. For a mid-to-back-of-the-pack runner who overpronates a little, what Inov-8 would you recommend? I run in Hardrocks, and like them, although I have had problems with them coming apart on me. From Inov-8s website, there are so many and I cannot tell which ones would suit my bio-mechanics.